Replica 1994 Ferrari 512M

Whilst I have never ever been much of a fan of replica or kit cars, I am especially adverse to the point of building a replica ferrari that for one looks nothing like it and seconds looks absolutely nothing like it!

Imagine how many hours were spent building this car and then they go and finish it off wit han interior like this :

The finish is appalling at best, why why why? It is not a good look, no one would ever mistake this as a Ferrari 512M, it looks like a whole heap of fibre glass panels have been mismatched together to form an ugly ass car.

Ebay listing for this POS

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I am lost for words

I am truly at a loss for words with this ebay find(check out the listing here ).

Why why why why would you do this? Seriously if it is not a Bentley then it NEVER EVER will be!

Ebay listing for this abomination

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That an interesting place to park

No how the hell did this lady get her car stuck there. How can you get confussed between going forward and backwards. Normally when you are parked on top off a building you generally take a little extra care not this dumb ass.

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Put the lid back on properly

You never know when you are going to have a car accident. This painter didn’t put the lid back on the paint tins in the back of his car. Hmmm now thats going to be hard to clean up

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ANyone can get a licence these days

This person just had no idea at all. When in the hell are they going to start with why don’t they just reverse out.

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It like a guessing competition

How many stickers do you thinkare on this car ? actually who really cars. How could you dream up that this is a good idea, or maybe they needed a new paint job and couldn’t afford one so a bunch of free campain stickers will do.

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10 points for not giving up

Another fine example of people that should not have a drivers license.I mean come on how hard is it to park a car, that space you could either reverse park drive into it what ever you want it huge

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Buy a truck or at least a ute mate !!

I would have never thought you would be able to get that much stuff onto one little car like that. I can’t understand how the cars suspension does not just break under that much wieght

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Some people should not be aloud to breed

This lady is a prime example on why some people should not have kids. At what point do you think that it would be a good idea to put 3 of your children in the boot of your car ???

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This person’s brain matchs the size of their car

This person must have the brain the size of a peanut. They own one of the smallest cars on the road and they take up enough space to park a truck. This is one of my pet hates

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how does this heppen

Maybe they where changing the radio station or lighting a smoke. Either way ho can you have an accident 2 seconds after they have left the car park

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He didn’t even own it hahaha

This 2004 Ferrari 575 Maranello was crashed by a Valet that was returning the car to the dealer after a wax and wash. The car had just been sold. Unfortunately, he lost control and crashed into a Peugeot. The car had been sold for $200,000.

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The one that got away

When psuhing a car buy yourself its always a good idea to stay near the drivers windows otherwise stupid shit like this happens. This guy was really lucky to catch up to it.

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There is always one dumb ass

There is always one clown in the crowd. Its not rocket science don’t park in front of a fire hydrent or the fire brigade might just smash your windows to be able to do their job

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How not to unload a car

WTF where these idiots thinking on look at the silly ramp and you can tell that it is not going to hold. Where do people come up with these ideas

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