Some people are so stupid

Just another example of some idiot thinking that a stair case that leads to the train station in London is an entry to a car park !

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This is what i call a bad day

This poor motor bike rider had a really bad day this day all cause of a dip shit driver not paying attention

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Jaguar XJ220 she was beautiful

The driver of this $750,000 car lost control in the parking lot of a golf course.Look at the crowd of on lookers that guy would feel like a total dick

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CLOWN !!!!!

What a clown its raining they are going way to fast and obviously not paying attention

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The multi tasking driver

How many time have you seen this going down the highway ? It drives me crazy when they are weaving all over the road

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The drive in service station

How can you get the accelerator confussed with the brake is just beyond me. This person is lucky they didn’t kill some one.

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Ronaldo the soccer player for Manchester United

If  your mega rich, a brillient soccer player and a hit with the ladies why the hell would you need to try and be race car driver in your 2007 Ferrari 599 GTBwhen your OBVIOUSLY not a good driver  !!!!

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Wrong way idiot

Seriously this person is off their head, going up the wrong way on the freeway.

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Seriously DON’T drink and drive

This fuk face took out 14 people riding their bikes in a race. The person driving was drunk what an idiot.

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Don’t drive what you can’t handle

Some times showing off is not the best idea, this vid reminds me of another wannbe hero in his mustang (Idiot Showing off in his Mustang)

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The luckiest dumbass in the world

This guy left the road at 140mph (225 kph) hit a tree and walked away. WTF was the bloke thinking going that speed around a corner on a public road

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How not to do a burnout in your BMW

People this stupid amaze me, some times i wonder how they remember to dress them selve’s. let alone get a drivers licence.

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Impatient People

I would be happy to bet that the reason this accident happened is because one of these jerk off’s couldn’t wait got impatient and tried to fit through.

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You got in the way of my out of contol Car !!!!

This cracked me up, the wannbe drift driver hits a guy on the side of a track after losing it then looks like he is going off at the guy that got hit by the car WTF !!!!

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What a waste

The F wit circled in the top pic is the dumbass that crashed this 1.6 Million dollar car that he did not own into the back of a Astra Van becasue he was not concerntrating !!!!!! the same tow truck driver only deliverd the car to the owner 1 week earlier

Category: Photos, Stupid Owners, Super Cars

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